Who is eligible to book #BetrayalRush tickets?

These exclusive £15 stalls tickets are available exclusively to under-30’s, key workers, recipients of job seekers' allowance and other recipients of government benefits – as part of the Jamie Lloyd Company’s commitment to audience development.

Valid ID will be required in order to collect tickets or entry will be denied, and it won’t be possible to do so until 45 minutes before the performance. 

When and where can I book the tickets?

Every Monday at 12pm, #BetrayalRush tickets are available for purchase here – simply click ‘Join the Queue’ ahead of 12pm to be randomly assigned a place in it when it opens.

How many #BetrayalRush tickets are released every Monday, and which performances can I book?

312 tickets go onsale every Monday, for the following week’s performances (example: on 11th March, tickets for performances week commencing 18th March will be released).

How many tickets can I book?

Those who successfully make it through the queue can purchase a maximum of 2 tickets per week.

If I book two tickets, do both people need to have valid ID?

If your age makes you eligible (ie. you are under 30), you will need to attend with someone who is also under 30 and also has valid ID. If you are a key worker or receiving JSA or benefits, your companion does not need to show any ID of their own.

Why can’t my tickets be delivered in the post?

ID checks are required to ensure these tickets are used only by those eligible to receive them as part of the scheme’s commitment to audience development.  

I am not eligible to purchase #BetrayalRush tickets. Are there other ways to buy tickets at a similar price?

An additional 250 tickets per performance are priced at £30 or under. Many of these have now sold, but check availability (particularly in the Balcony level) to purchase remaining seats at prices which start at £15. This initiative (ring-fenced stalls seats at this price) is part of a specific commitment to audience development.