Nobel Lecture: Art, Truth & Politics

Nobel Lecture: Art, Truth & Politics

Nobel Lecture: Art, Truth & Politics

2 and 4 October 2018

Mark Rylance will join the Pinter at the Pinter season for two special charity performances of Harold Pinter’s Art, Truth and Politics, originally delivered by Pinter upon receiving the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2005.

As pertinent as ever, Pinter’s lecture will be performed in full by Mark Rylance on the 2 and 4 October at 6pm, before each evening’s performance of Harold Pinter’s one-act plays. One for the Road, The New World Order, Mountain Language and Ashes to Ashes are performed on 2 October, and The Lover and The Collection on 4 October.

The performances are available to ticket holders of the corresponding one-act plays on 2 and 4 October. He will perform in aid ofStop the War, with £10 from every ticket for both evenings donated to the charity.

Mark Rylance said “Stopping our involvement in War is more important than Brexit. It would be more fun than winning the World Cup. It would solve many of our problems and make us a true world leader. We as a people, at our best, are nothing, if not diplomatic. We have to be. We live on a small island. It is our gift.

We are a nation of remarkable imagination, invention, and governance. Our love songs are listened to everywhere. Our poems, plays and stories are read everywhere. Our comedians are laughed at everywhere. Our games are played everywhere. Our sense of justice, governance and liberty is considered everywhere. Why have we caused so much suffering? And exported so much violence? We have a lot more to offer this troubled world than cluster bombs, mines, and electric batons. When will we wake up to who we are? We could be doing a lot of good with our language, good humour, and innate gifts of mediation, and peaceful reconciliation. We are an Island people, we know how to get along with each other in a small space. STOP THE WAR! 

Harold Pinter was one of our earliest supporters and his Nobel Lecture is a revelation. Here is a man passionately dedicated to truth in the theatre and the world. It will be an honour to speak his words.”